Sunday, January 12, 2014

On Your Own Terms

I am an outsider looking in.
The first week in Brazil has been like looking at a kaleidoscope of emotions: curiosity, fear, loneliness, surprise, vulnerability, delight, and lost. It's incredibly easy to get lost and upset over things you have no control over, and in order to feel some kind of familiarity, you try to ease into behaviors that you normally would avoid, because its a way to feel some kind of solidarity, some kind of value outside yourself - and when you are hyper aware that its not your thing, you feel even more self-loathsome.

Remember to do you. Avoid the comparison games. Remember your purpose - remember the fights that you fought, the battles you won - what you struggled for: self-autonomy. Remember you have your own gifts to offer the world, unlike any other, and that it can only be done the way you imagine it to be done - the way your gut tells you it should be done.

Protect your dignity, individuality, and talents at all cost. Don't sell it away for comfort.

When it is all said and done, they should say "She did it in her own way."

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pinkamina said...

Yes, I love this. :) Good luck, Cassie!

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